You can save money by transferring your own comprehensive insurance policy, alternatively, we offer an Insurance Package at a small charge on all vehicles up to and including our Group F Long Wheel Based High Roof Van on rentals up to 14 days in length.

The Insurance Package includes:

  • Third party cover
  • Insurance is offered on rental vehicles being driven within the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland.
  • Damage cover subject to a liability excess for which the renter is responsible, as follows:

- Group A Small City Van: €800 plus vat @ 23%
- Group B Long Wheel Base Medium Roof Van: €950 plus vat @ 23%
- Group D Medium Wheel Base Medium Roof Van: €1,250 plus vat @ 23%
- Group F Long Wheel Base High Roof Van: €1,250 plus VAT @ 23%


A full drivers licence (class B or greater) for a minimum of 2 years without endorsements is required to drive the vehicle on Johnson & Perrott Insurance.  Renters must be between the ages of 25 and 70 Years.


Travel to the UK available on transfer of own comprehensive insurance only.


Full Terms & Conditions of our Insurance package can be found on the back of the rental agreement document.